Tucked away in the rural village of Stoke St Gregory, in the heart of the Somerset Levels the Coate family have been growing withies on the moors since 1819 and making baskets and willow charcoal for almost 50 years. The unique wetland environment of the Somerset Levels and moors is perfect for growing willow as well as being a haven for wildlife. Basket making willow has been grown here for two centuries, and it is now the only area left where it is still commercially grown and processed for the production of baskets, furniture, garden items and high quality artists’ charcoal.

Today, Coates English Willow is a diverse business with many facets and firmly focused on ensuring a healthy future for our willow industry. We are inspired by our long, rich and varied past and by the quietly beautiful landscape we work in. Yet we are not tied to the past as we are constantly looking ahead for new and exciting ideas to develop that will inspire new people to discover willow.

Willow Planting video